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Hugo Murphy

Name: Hugo Murphy
Age: 42
Occupation: Financial Trader
From: Lives in Montreal, QC

Hugo Murphy started a skateboarding business with his two teenage sons. Why? Many reasons. He felt he chose a career in Finance at a young age when he had absolutely no clue who he was. As he was watching his sons grow older by the minute, he feared 2 things:

1) that they too would choose a career without knowing much about the world and what they were truly passionate about and

2) that time was running out quickly and with it, quality time with his boys. As a skateboarder, with sons who have been traveling, competing, and skating for numerous years, so starting a skateboard business seemed natural to them. Hugo felt that working alongside his boys, would expose them to many, different realities: finance, supplier negotiation, leasing, designing, writing, promoting, advertising, etc. His sons being stoked about the experience, continue to make boards alongside their father and will soon run the show on their own.

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