Mélodie Gougeon

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Mélodie Gougeon

Name: Mélodie Gougeon
Age: 16
Occupation: Accrobatic Skiier. Slopestyle sport studies. Environmentalist
From: Lives in Mont Tremblant, QC

Young, driven and determined, this 16-year-old loves challenges. Mélodie Gougeon pushes boundaries as a member of APEXX’s freestyle ski team and environmentalist. Mélodie’s zero-waste lifestyle and environmental advocacy, leads her to take on projects and initiatives well beyond her years. Successfully reducing the amount of plastic use and unnecessary waste used by her school’s cafeteria, she continues to find new ways to re-purpose and dispose of different materials in an eco-friendly manner. When Mélodie isn’t juggling schoolwork, ski training, and reducing the carbon footprints around her, she is outdoors hiking and just being free in the nature she is striving to protect.

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