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It’s all about living life with intent. Fearless in who you are, in how high you can reach, how far you can go. It’s all about listening to that inner voice. The one that whispers, never compromise, never fear, never betray your dreams. Stay true to the path, steer by the stars and trust the voice in your gut.

That’s just how he lived. Ferociously, uncompromisingly true to himself, true to his dreams.

And you can bet that folks said he was nuts. Said his dreams were too big and his aim was too wild. But he had the drive and the grit to answer, “Hey, that’s never been done? Now get out of my way!”

So, go right ahead, folks. Tempt the unknown, step off the edge and chase that dream. Define for yourself when the journey begins, where it leads…and whether it ever ends.

Go right ahead,